Here at SNHDT, we believe the process of learning should be emphasized at all levels. Whether or not a student plans to pursue a dance career, all students are presented with a clear curriculum that safely and comprehensively applies the standards and traditions of the dance world today. All disciplines (Ballet, Modern, Contemporary, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, etc.) are presented by learning the foundational movements that build to grander movements, with an emphasis on the history and nuances of each art form. 

SNHDT’s highly skilled faculty is committed to providing students with quality dance training in a caring and nurturing environment. Our teachers are dedicated to honoring the traditions of dance training through intentional curricula and nurturing the artistic and technical development of each individual student. In addition to providing professional dance training, the underlying goal of SNHDT is to support the philosophy that dance, much like any art form, is an important part of our society’s cultural fabric, heritage, and expression.


Proper body alignment, classical line, musicality and ballet vocabulary are emphasized at all levels. The ballet syllabus at SNHDT is based on the classical Russian tradition and is further enhanced by the ideas and concepts of several other major methods and syllabi of training (i.e. Balanchine, Bournonville, Ceccehetti, and RAD). Intermediate and advanced students (level 5 through 7) are later introduced to the number of varying styles that exist among some of the major methods of training. Additionally, students are exposed to several guest artists throughout the year to broaden their knowledge and to ensure versatility. This more universal approach enables our students to be prepared for the eclectic demands of the dance world today.

In Beginner Pointe, dancers are introduced to the fundamentals of learning how to dance on their toes in pointe shoes.  The study of pointe technique (at all levels) encompasses both the mechanical and artistic aspects of pointe work. Emphasized at all levels of pointe are proper body alignment, placement of the feet and the manner in which a dancer transitions to and from flat to releve en pointe. Participation in any pointe class requires permission from the instructor. The minimum required study for beginner pointe class is three regular ballet technique classes per week.  Dancers must attend the ballet technique class immediately preceeding pointe class.

Intermediate and Advanced Level Pointe and Variations Classes  Dancers at these levels are now ready to practice and execute more intermediate and advanced level ballet steps along with the study of traditional classical variations and contemporary works. Participation at these levels require permission from the instructor.

Beginner Jazz focuses on developing strong lines, technique, a command of proper terminology and an understanding of the body’s center of movement. This class will also explore basic Broadway Theater dance and some Contemporary movement. Theater Dance is what is seen in Musicals such as Chorus Line, 42nd Street and High School Muscial. Contemporary dance is the style of jazz that is often seen on shows such as “So You Think You Can Dance”.

Intermediate / Advanced Levels of Jazz focuses on developing strong lines, technique, a command of proper terminology and an understanding of the body’s center of movement. Intermediate and Upper Levels will explore both the Broadway Theater dance, contemporary movement and Hip-Hop styles of Jazz. The Broadway style is that which is seen in Musicals such as Chorus Line, 42nd Street and High School Muscial. Hip-Hop is the style of jazz that is often seen in music videos today. Contemporary dance is the style of jazz that is often seen on shows such as “So You Think You Can Dance”.

Graded by age and ability, the Modern dance syllabus at SNHDT incorporate the teachings and styles of Martha Graham, Doris Humphrey, Jose Limon and Lester Horton to name a few. Movement theories and steps common to all forms of modern and contemporary dance are also introduced and further explored at upper levels. Intermediate and advanced students are challenged by increased complexity and length of sequence, constant level change, improv and use of non-traditional phrasing.

Graded by age and ability, the Tap program incorporates a blend of both buck and rhythm tap styles. These classes will emphasize technique, terminology, precision and strong rhythmic skills.

All Hip-Hop classes are age appropriate classes and are designed for students with or without formal dance training. These upbeat classes will focus on rhythm, isolations, freestyle and choreography similar to that seen in music videos today.



  • Learn new repertoire and story ballets from world-class choreographers

  • Perform in additional shows and touring opportunities
  • Network and be recruited by top training schools and dance programs
  • Train and perform at regional dance festivals hosted by Regional Dance America



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*placement required

Ballet 5
Tues – 4:30pm (1.5 hrs)
Thurs – 4:30pm (1.5 hrs)


*placement required

Ballet 5/6
Mon – 7pm (2 hrs)*
Fri – 5pm (2 hrs)*
Sat – 9:30am (1.5 hrs)Sun – 10am (2 hrs)*

Men’s Technique
Fri – 4pm (1.5 hrs)


*placement required

Ballet 6
Tues – 6pm (1.5 hrs)
Wed – 6pm (1.5 hrs)

Men’s Technique
Fri – 4pm (1.5 hrs)


*placement required

Ballet 6/7
Mon – 5:30pm (1.5 hrs)*
Thurs – 6pm (2 hrs)
Sat – 12pm (1.5 hrs)

Advanced Ballet
Fri – 2:30pm (1.5 hrs)

Men’s Technique
Fri – 4pm (1.5 hrs)


*placement required

Ballet 7
Tues – 7:30pm (1.5 hrs)
Wed – 7:30pm (1.5 hrs)*

Advanced Ballet
Fri – 2:30pm (1.5 hrs)


*placement required

Beg. Pointe
Sat – 11am (45 min)

Beg/Int Pointe
Mon – 8:30pm (30 min)Fri – 6:30pm (30 min)* Sun – 11:30am (30 min)*

Int. Pointe
Thurs – 8pm (1 hr)

Adv. Pointe
Sat – 1:30pm (1 hr)


*placement required

Beg. Modern /

Mon – 6pm (1.25 hrs)

Int. Modern /

Wed – 6pm (1.5 hrs)

Adv. Modern /

Tues – 6pm (1.5 hrs)


*placement required

Int. Jazz
Thurs – 6pm (1.5 hrs)

Int/Adv Jazz
Wed – 7:30pm (1.5 hrs)

Adv Jazz
Mon – 7:30pm (1.5 hrs)


*placement required

Adv/Beg Tap
Tues – 4pm (1hr)

Int Tap
Thurs – 4pm (1 hr)

Adv Tap
Thurs – 5pm (1 hr)


Open Class

Sat – 12:30 (1 hr)

Level Age Monthly / BiMonthly
Level 5 11-13 $325.00 / $650.00
Level 6 14+ $380.00 / $760.00
Level 7 14+ $380.00 / $760.00

Tuition is divided into 5 equal payments and is paid bimonthly. Our Pre-Professional program gives students unlimited classes that correspond to their assigned level.

All bimonthly tuition is automatically billed to you credit card or bank account and is paid September 1st, November 1st, January 1st, March 1st and May 1st.

Register online, by phone at (603) 625-9272 or in person at our studios. Please feel free to call with any questions. We are always happy to help you!

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Tuition Policies

ALL TUITION PAYMENTS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. Tuition is payable by credit card and bank draft only. If tuition payment is denied or returned for insufficient funds, additional fees may apply. If tuition payment is denied by your financial institution, you may be asked to forfeit your child’s place in the program. Any and all cancellations or withdrawals require a 30-day notification and account holders signature to receive an SNHDT account credit and are subject to a cancellation fee. Refunds are not given for classes missed or unattended.

Ballet 5 – 6

Girls: black leotard in any style, pink tights and pink ballet shoes. Hair should be in a ballet bun, neatly pulled back from the face for class.

Boys: white t-shirt with black tights, jazz pants, or shorts and black ballet shoes.

Ballet 7

Girls: leotard in any color/style, pink tights and pink ballet shoes. Hair should be in a ballet bun.

Boys: white athletic t-shirt with black tights and black ballet shoes.

Modern & Contemporary

Girls: leotard in any color/style, solid colored footless or capri tights (no tan or pink tights). Bare feet, no shoes. Hair must be pulled back from face in ponytail or similar style.

Boys: t-shirt with black tights, jazz pants, or shorts. Bare feet, no shoes.

Jazz & HipHop

Girls: leotard in any color/style with solid colored tights or jazz pants. Jazz Oxfords or sneakers (no street sneakers permitted). Hair must be pulled back from face in ponytail or similar style.

Boys: white athletic t-shirt with jazz pants or shorts. Jazz Oxfords or sneakers (no street sneakers permitted).


Girls: leotard in any color/style with solid colored tights or jazz pants. Black tap shoes. Hair must be pulled back from face in ponytail or similar style.

Boys: solid-colored t-shirt with jazz pants. Black tap shoes.

Annual Year-End Performance

At the end of the school year, Southern New Hampshire Dance Theater presents its annual Year-End Performances. All dancers attending regular classes at the Southern New Hampshire Dance Theater are invited to participate.

Traditionally, three separate age-based shows are presented; a Pre-School Performance featuring our youngest performers ages 2 to 6. A Matinee Performance showcasing our graded ballet program (levels 1 thru 4) along with our tap, jazz, hip hop, contemporary and modern dance programs. Lastly, an Evening program is presented featuring the upper levels or our ballet program along with members of Southern New Hampshire Youth Ballet. This allows us to keep the shows time-sensitive for families with little ones.

More specific information will be provided to registered students in January!

Summer Intensive
Ages 10+

The Summer Intensive is a 3-week program designed for Intermediate to Advanced level students looking to build on their technique and experience different styles of dance with guest teachers and faculty.

The Summer Intensive program at Southern New Hampshire Dance Theater provides exceptional dance training from some of the industry’s leading professionals. Students will focus on building strong classical ballet technique while exploring diverse training in modern, contemporary, jazz, commercial dance, and more. Our highly esteemed faculty will inspire students to reach beyond their limits by further developing their strength, flexibility, versatility, and overall confidence as a dancer.

All students are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis and no audition is required to enroll.  Program runs Monday through Friday 9:30am to 4:30pm – approximate time. An optional Saturday class is offered each week.

Dates & Tuition



  Tuition Early Bird!
3 Weeks $1,250.00 $1,150.00
2 Weeks $950.00 $850.00
1 Week $650.00 $550.00

*register before March 1st!

Host Family Housing is available to out of state students. This family-style living includes room, meals and transportation at an additional cost of $250 per week. Our staff will work closely with each family to assure the best living situation. Students interested in receiving more information on our host family housing or local families who would like to be a host family should contact the school. Deadline to apply for host family housing is May 1st.

Our Policies

Class Observation
Parents and guests are welcome to view their children’s classes at any time through the studio’s observation windows. Those who wish to observe in the classroom must receive permission from the instructor in advance. During Parent Peek Week, Parents are invited to watch classes at all levels so that they may become familiar with the school and the progression of instruction.

Parent/Teacher Conference
We encourage parents and students to call our studios any time they have questions or concerns. Consideration for both the parent and student is of utmost importance to our staff. For extended conferences with instructors, we encourage parents to call the school to arrange for a meeting. Please keep in mind that teachers are often scheduled to teach consecutive classes. The need to begin and end class on time does not always allow ample time for faculty to meet with parents in between classes. Scheduled conferences will allow for a more comfortable setting.

Class Cancellation Due to Bad Weather
During inclement weather, Southern New Hampshire Dance Theater (SNHDT) will post any cancellations on the radio station website Students and parents may also call our office at (603) 263-3803, where a message will be left on the school answering machine in the event that classes are canceled. When possible, makeup classes will be scheduled for those classes canceled during bad weather.

Have questions about our policies? Call us at 603-625-9272 for additional information!

School Calendar

Studio Closed – Winter Break

December 21, 2020 - January 3, 2021

Studio Closed – February Vacation

February 22, 2021 - February 28, 2021

Studio Closed – Spring Vacation

April 26, 2021 - May 2, 2021

Last Week of Classes

June 14, 2021 - June 19, 2021

Southern NH Youth Ballet

Founded in 1998, Southern NH Youth Ballet (SNHYB) is the official performing company of Southern NH Dance Theater. SNHYB provides dancers with unique additional performance opportunities outside of the annual recital to foster their artistic growth and enrich their daily lives through dance. 

Since 2001, the historic Palace Theatre in Manchester, NH has presented SNHYB as the Resident Performing Company of The Nutcracker each winter.

SNHYB has been honored by Darla Hoover and Deborah Wingert, repetiteures of the The George Balanchine Trust, to perform Balanchine’s works. SNHYB performed Balanchine’s Valse-Fantaisie in 2001, 2002 and 2007.

Since 2005, SNHYB has been a Member Company of Regional Dance America, the national association of pre-professional dance companies. Our dancers have had the opportunity to perform all across the Northeast Region, as well as Phoenix, AZ and Montreal, Canada through our membership in RDA. SNHYB is the first company from New Hampshire, and currently the only company from New England, to be accepted into RDA membership.