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Nutcracker Auditions

Friday, August 25th / Saturday, August 26th

Age 8 - 12: $300
$50 Nonrefundable Audition Fee
$250 Nutcracker Production Fee. 

Age 13+: $350
$50 Nonrefundable Audition Fee
$300 Nutcracker Production Fee.

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*Students will be assigned to an audition date, time and pre-audition meeting time.

Participation in Southern NH Dance Theater’s production of The Nutcracker is voluntary.

The auditions are open to all ballet students at Southern NH Dance Theater ages 8 and older. Students auditioning must be age 8 by the date of the audition. Students auditioning for a dance role in The Nutcracker must be enrolled in and attending at least one ballet class per week at Southern NH Dance Theater.

Students and their parents should consider the large time commitment required for rehearsals and performances before auditioning. A commitment of this level is viewed by our staff as a family commitment. If you are involved in other activities that meet regularly on Fridays, Saturdays and/or Sundays you should reconsider auditioning for The Nutcracker, as the potential for conflict already exists.

• Familiarize yourself with all Nutcracker guidelines, requirements, important dates, and fees.

• Sign up for auditions ONLINE in advance and complete and submit all required forms and pay all Audition fees.

• Be sure one parent or guardian is available and able to attend your assigned pre-audition meeting. Once a student has signed up for auditions they will be assigned to an audition date, time along with a pre-audition meeting time.

Auditioning for the production does not guarantee that you will receive a part.

Casting is at the sole discretion of the artistic director, choreographers and any judges present at auditions. Dancers and their families are not permitted to make suggestions or question the director regarding any casting decisions. Roles in The Nutcracker are cast according to skill level.

Judges, faculty and directors make every effort to place each dancer into roles most appropriate for both the dancer and the production as a whole. All cast members are required to learn and dance the parts they are cast in, including all understudy roles. All cast assignments be provided to families and dancers in a timely manner.

Rehearsals for The Nutcracker are held Friday afternoons and evening, Saturday afternoons and Sundays from late September and up to production week. All those auditioning for the Nutcracker must be available and able to attend all rehearsals.

Rehearsal schedules are posted (on the studio bulletin board) and emailed well in advanced to all cast members and families. It is the responsibility of all cast members (and families) to check their email and the studio bulletin board regularly for updates and changes. Schedule revisions are always clearly marked, emailed and posted on Mondays or Tuesdays prior to the rehearsal weekend. In general, rehearsals for a particular role are often held on the same day at the same time from week to week. HOWEVER, all cast members must be flexible to schedule changes – whether it is a change in day or time.

Absence from a rehearsal and/or costume fitting, leaving early, and/or arriving late are all grounds for dismissal from the production. The staff of Southern NH Dance Theater and Youth Ballet reserves the right to dismiss and replace any cast member at any time.

Dancers and/or parents who are aware of a potential date of conflict will be given the opportunity to submit a date/time to the director at the time of auditions.

Students and parents will be informed prior to the audition if this date of conflict is declined or accepted as an excused absence. If declined, the dancer must then decide at the time of the audition if they will be able to participate in the production. Conflicts not submitted at the time of the audition will not be considered as excused absence from rehearsals unless deemed an illness or other unforeseen emergency.

Cast members will be replaced if an absence from rehearsal due to illness or emergency is viewed as hindering them from participating in the production.

As a non-profit organization, we rely heavily on a number of volunteers to help the dancers and staff members present a professional, well-organized and polished production. After casting has been completed, parents will be contacted regarding volunteer assignments for the production.

PLEASE NOTE: All parents of students attending The Nutcracker audition for children’s roles ages 8-12 years of age will be required to participate as a chaperone. A mandatory chaperone meeting will be held prior to the production. After casting has been completed all parents of young performers (ages 8-12) will be assigned to chaperone between 2 to 4 performances. Chaperone assignments will be coordinated by a staff member. Parents are advised to wait to purchase their performance tickets after chaperone assignments have been completed. Children of parents who are unable to chaperone during production week and/or are unable to attend the above-mentioned mandatory chaperone meeting should not audition for this production.

Ages 8 - 12: $300

A $50 Non refundable Audition Fee combined with a $250 Nutcracker Production Fee.

Ages 13 and up: $350

A $50 Non refundable Audition Fee combined with a $300 Nutcracker Production Fee.

Fall Classes Begin - Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Company and Nutcracker Auditions - Friday, August 25 and Saturday August 26 - students will be assigned to an audition date, time and pre-audition meeting time.

Nutcracker Rehearsals Begin - Friday, September 8, 2023

Nutcracker Production Week - November 12-19, 2023

Mandatory Nutcracker Production Meeting - November 5, 2023