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Join us for a limited viewing of our Company’s performance of Snow White at Chunky’s in Manchester!

Chunky’s offers a delicious food menu, a full bar, and comfy chairs for an unforgettable Snow White experience! The theater is located near the Mall of New Hampshire in Manchester.

Snow White: Madilyn Cilley

Prince Charming: Nate Duszny

The Evil Queen: Addison Whitehead

The Queens Guardsmen: Maxim Stone and Rowan Romanauskas

The Huntsman: Maxim Stone

Servants of the Queen: Aiva Berrigan, Lauren Felthun, Nicole Knowles, and Sophia Hancock

The Seven Dwarfs: Avery Morgan (Sleepy), Cora Steichen (Bashful), Hannah Newman-Williams (Happy), Lily Koeppel (Dopey), Maille Zelko (Doc), Nicole Knowles (Grumpy), Sydney Ferland (Sneezy)

Lead Fairies of the Forest: Aiva Berrigan and Sophia Hancock

Dragonflies: Ava Smith, Hannah Newman-Williams, and Lauren Felthun

Fairies of the Forest: Aubrey Patrick, Ella Martin, and Lily Ferriera

Forest Nymphs: Jenny Merk, Lillian Ruby, Skylar Kucera, and Taylor Wydom

Butterflies: Annika Romanauskas, Elisa Thomas, Ella DiBona, Elsa Kelly, Madeline Lerner, and Sydney Montgomery.

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