About Our Dance School

Dance Classes in Southern New Hampshire

Founded in 1996, Southern New Hampshire Dance Theater (SNHDT) is known for its outstanding Pre-professional Ballet Program and has quickly become the most well respected dance school in the New England area.  The schools diverse faculty is committed to providing students with exceptional dance training in a caring and nurturing environment. Our professionally trained and educated faculty are affiliated with some of industry’s most notable Colleges, Universities and professional companies such as, Point Park University, School of American Ballet, Boston Ballet, Washington Ballet, Boston Conservatory, New York University and Regional Dance America to name a few.

Philosophy of the School

Central to the philosophy of our Southern New Hampshire dance school is the belief that the process of learning should be emphasized at all levels in a fun and nurturing way. All classes and levels are taught by adults. Whether students are looking to pursue dance as a career or not, they are presented with a curriculum that reflects the standards and traditions of the dance world today. All disciplines (ballet, modern, jazz, etc.) are presented in their traditional form. The teachers at Southern NH Dance Theater are dedicated to honoring the traditions of dance training, and also to nurturing the artistic and technical development of each student.

The Ballet Syllabus at SHNDT

Our ballet syllabus is based on the classical Russian tradition and is further enhanced by the ideas and concepts of several other major methods and syllabi of training (i.e. Balanchine, Bournonville, Cecchetti, and RAD). Young students are taught the basic elements of classical ballet that are common to all major syllabi. Students at the intermediate and advanced levels are later introduced to a number of varying styles that exist among some of the major methods of training. Additionally, students are exposed to several guest instructors throughout the year to broaden their knowledge and to ensure versatility. This more universal approach enables our students to be prepared for the eclectic demands of today’s dance world.

The Modern / Contemporary Dance Syllabus

SNHDT explores several concepts and styles from Martha Graham & Alvin Ailey to Hubbard Street and Mia Michaels. These classes are intended to be a fun, imaginative, and engaging exploration of both traditional and non-traditional contemporary movement.

The Jazz and Hip-Hop Syllabus

Southern New Hampshire Dance Theater was developed to offer these popular dance forms separately and as age-appropriate classes. Both explore a number of contemporary dance styles from Broadway to hip-hop. The Hip-Hop classes at SNHDT focus solely on the hip-hop style of dance, which is often seen in music videos today.

Tap Syllabus

Our tap classes are available for both children and adults. We take students as young as 6 ½ for these classes. Students in our tap classes learn age-appropriate tap technique while developing rhythm and musicality.

For additional information about SNHDT, give us a call at (603) 625-9272!