Our Dance Classes

Southern New Hampshire Dance School

At Southern New Hampshire Dance Theater (SNHDT), we are committed to providing our students with dance training in a caring and nurturing environment. Our dance school in Southern New Hampshire offers a complete curriculum ranging in classes for the preschool student to the pre-professional dancer.

Programs of study include our highly successful Early Childhood Dance Program for students ages 2 to 6, our Enrichment Program for recreational dancers, and our Intensive Program for serious students. Our college-educated, professional faculty are affiliated with Point Park University, School of American Ballet, Boston Ballet, Boston Conservatory, Butler University, Regional Dance America, and other institutions as well.


Preschool (Ages 2-6)

Children are introduced to the fundamentals of dance in a fun and creative way. Ballet vocabulary is mixed in with exercises, games, and props to promote body awareness, coordination, balance, and following directions. All children are encouraged to participate independently from parents / caregivers. Parents may watch their children throughout the entire class from our class observation windows. All Pre-School Dance classes meet once a week.


Graded Ballet Program (Ages 6 ½+)

Studied in its traditional form and structure, these classes are graded by age and ability, levels 1 through 7. Proper body alignment, classical line, musicality and ballet vocabulary are emphasized at all levels. The ballet syllabus at SNHDT uses classical Russian tradition as its foundation, though it also incorporates the influences of several other syllabi of training, such as RAD, Balanchine, Ceccehetti, and Bournonville.


Open Ballet Classes

Ballet is for everyone! At SHDNT, our Adult Ballet and Open Ballet classes are geared toward providing both the novice and the experienced teen or adult the opportunity to study dance on a drop-in or once-a-week basis. The Beginner / Intermediate Teen / Adult Ballet class will emphasize the fundamentals of classical ballet, while the Adult Ballet and Open Intermediate Ballet classes will focus on furthering the development each student’s ballet technique. There are no restrictions on the dance apparel worn in class.


Jazz / Hip-Hop

Offered separately, these classes incorporate various contemporary dance styles, spanning from hip-hop to Broadway. Each class is kept appropriate to the students’ age range.


Modern / Contemporary Dance

This class provides a fusion of traditional and non-traditional contemporary movement, creating a fun and creative dance experience. Our modern / contemporary dance classes draw from influences such as Alvin Ailey, Martha Graham, Mia Michaels, and Hubbard Street.



We have tap classes for children (ages 6 ½ and up), and also for adults. Students in these classes learn rhythm, musicality, and tap techniques.


Adult Ballet

At SNHDT, we offer Adult Ballet and Open Ballet classes for teenagers and adults of all experience levels. Whether you are just starting or you are a more experienced dancer, you can come to our classes either on a weekly or a drop-in basis. You can learn the fundamentals in our Beginner / Intermediate Teen / Adult Ballet class, or you can you can refine your current technique in our Adult Ballet or Open Intermediate Ballet class. We do not have any dance apparel restrictions for our adult and teen ballet classes.

We also offer boys’ ballet classes and private lessons. Sign up for dance classes at SNHDT today! Call our office at (603) 625-9272.